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Mar.02  1992

Established as "Giant Express.Inc"

Jun.01  1994

Increased paid-capital to \200,000,000 and acquired NVOCC License

Jun.25  1994

Opened branch office in Busan port

Nov.01  1995

 Company name changed to "Giant Int'l Forwarding,Inc"

May.10  1996

Head office moved to VIP Building in Hwakok-Dong, Kangseo-ku.

Jul.01  1996

paid-capital increased to \300,000,000 and acquired "Multi-modal Transporter's License"  From the Ministry of Transportation (License No. 240)

Sep.02  1996

Registered as "First class International Trader" by Korea Traders' Association

Mar.01  1999

Head office moved to Hanshin Building in Deungchon-Dong, Kangseo-ku.

Mar.17  1999

Registered as a member of KIFFA (Korea Freight Forwarders' Association), Number 784


Ranked 80th largest volume handling company amongst 1,200 Forwarders nationwide

Apr.01  2001

established a customs brokerage company-"Kyungwon Customs Brokerage Co"

Nov.01  2001

Head office moved to "Cargo Terminal Building" in Kimpo Airport Complex